Here are some projects that illustrate the kind of issues we address and handle for our clients:

Internet Money Transfer

A secure system used by a financial services firm and their agents worldwide to transfer funds over the Internet. The program handles the details of foreign exchange rates, agent commission structure and rate changes, agent credit limits, and integrates with the firm's back-end accounting and banking systems in New York. The system provides flags, warnings, and checks and balances to prevent inadvertent or deliberate mistransfers.

Smart Card Technology Infrastructure

IT consulting/interim CTO services for an interactive gaming start-up breaking new ground in the use of smart card technology.  Outlined and implemented their overall technology infrastructure and rollout, including help desk, website, auction offerings, and customer surveys.

World-wide Financial Consolidation Program

A financial consolidation program for the corporate finance department of a Fortune Service 100 consulting company, distributed to 42 offices in 16 countries around the world. The program, used by local controllers and CFOs, collects and consolidates 50 balance sheet supporting schedules from each reporting office around the world, at each level in the company's hierarchy. The program features automatic export, transmission, and consolidation of results to each office's reporting unit, and automatic handling of foreign currency exchange rates issues. The grand consolidated database, in the company's NYC headquarters, interfaces with the company's remote Oracle data warehouse. The program includes over 210 reports and a 96-page user's manual.

Project Estimation System

A company-wide project estimation program for a Fortune Service 100 consulting company. The program, which is in use by over 2500 consultants, incorporates company standard policies and practices relating to the determination and documentation of fee estimates for consulting projects. In addition to "interviewing" the user to assist him or her in coming up with a project estimate, the program allows the user to use or create project estimate "templates" for recurring projects of a similar nature. The program can export a project estimate, formulas and all, to Excel for further analysis and review.

Web-based Job Cost Analysis Programs

A secure "ratecard calculator" Internet site for a Fortune 100 financial institution and their printing vendors. The site allows the purchasing department to specify the many parameters of a complex printing job and immediately see the effect on the cost of the job. The purchasing agent can determine (for example) how many pieces to print in each press run to minimize costs, or can determine the most efficient form layout on a standard print sheet. In addition, the agent may compare the price of the print job among several print vendors, and route the job order to a chosen vendor.

NYSE Customer Hotsheet Program

A "Hotsheet" Windows program for a member firm of the New York Stock Exchange. The program, which is in use on the floor of the Exchange, gives traders an up-to-the- minute view of what stocks their customers are in, what stocks their customers are interested in, recent trading activity by the firm, and other proprietary customer data needed to execute trades. The program has special security, graphic, and usability features custom-crafted for the specialized, fast-paced environment of the trading floor.

Marketing Information System

A world-wide marketing information system for a top 10 law firm, distributed to 12 offices in 7 countries. The program tracks numerous details about legal transactions and other matters in which the firm was retained. The system allows the firm's marketing department to quickly access up to date and accurate transaction data and to quickly create marketing materials based on them (e.g., "Give me a list of all M&A transactions we've closed in the last 5 years in the mining industry governed by German law"). The program outputs camera-ready copy to WordPerfect, and interfaces to the firm's HR and accounting systems.

Print Job Cost Analysis Programs

A series of "ratecard calculators" for a top 10 management consulting firm. These specialized database programs, developed for use by the firm's clients, perform a detailed price analysis and breakdown of print job costs involved in mass mailings, including lettershop, forms, envelopes, commercial print. Using the calculator, a purchasing agent can (for example) readily compare the price difference between using a web press or die cut press, or can determine how many pieces to print in each press run to minimize costs, or can determine the most efficient form layout on a standard print sheet.

Executive Market Information System

A Windows program for a Fortune 100 pharmaceuticals company for use by product managers and product and financial executives. The program displays up-to-date market sales trends and numbers. It retrieves current data from a variety of servers and displays thumbnail graphs, which may be blown up for more detail by clicking on them. The user can scroll through all markets and products in which the company competes, and can also zoom in on the numbers behind the graphs.

Market Data Query System

A Windows program for a Fortune 100 pharmaceuticals company for use by internal market researchers and analysts. The program retrieves and formats raw market data from various Oracle databases. Analysts can ask for data using the types of measures and terminology they are familiar with and use on a daily basis: for example, "give me year-to-date percent of market share for the injectables market for the first 2 quarters of 1997". The program then retrieves the data from the appropriate server and database, computes the requested measures, and creates an Excel spreadsheet containing the requested data.

Customized Charting/Presentation Programs

A series of customized charting programs for a top 10 consulting firm. These specialized database programs, developed for use by the firm's clients, allow managers to review employee satisfactions surveys in graphical form, and print and assemble charts into a presentation to employees . The program supports export to Powerpoint. Several of the programs were translated into different languages for use in company offices around the world.

Survey Consultant Tool Suite

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A suite of three related programs for a Fortune Service 100 consulting company. The programs are used by specialists within the company as a highly focused tool to estimate, plan, and deploy employee satisfaction surveys for the company's clients.

Revenue and Staffing Projection/Planning System

A nationwide client/server program for the corporate finance department of a Fortune Service 100 consulting company. The program is used by financial and planning personnel, from the CFO on down, to plan and forecast consulting revenues, and concomitant salary expenses, for the upcoming year. The program allows the user to "drill down" to the individual consultant level by geography or by professional practice. The user can forecast consulting rates, billable hours through a variety of methods (i.e., "Increase the billing rate for the Marketing unit in Seattle by 15%") and instantly see the impact on projected revenues. The program exports a complex spreadsheet forecast model, formulas and all, to Excel on demand.

E-commerce Site for Business Services

An E-commerce site for a startup company that allows customers to purchase and mail business occasion cards. The site features secure upload of customer mailing lists, on-screen card preview, shopping cart, and on-line credit card verification.

Grant Proposal Review System

A program for a national medical research foundation to allow doctors on the governing panel to receive, review, and circulate research grant proposals on their desktops. The program embodies automatic forwarding logic to circulate the proposals to appropriate individuals at the appropriate stage in the review process.

Career and Professional Development Planning/Tracking System

An intranet program for a Fortune 100 company to allow its employees to record and track personal career and professional development goals and activities. Employees can view related company, office, and department goals for reference; and the program includes a "wizard" to assist employees in the goal-setting process.

Catalog Sales Analysis

A series of database analysis tools to allow a major national catalog operation to measure and assess the efficacy of their mailing campaigns. The tools included intricate downloading, cleaning, and merging of data from mainframes into Access, and then into SAS for statistical analysis.

Data Feed Inventory Tracking System

A program to allow a top 10 brokerage firm to record, track, and analyze the numerous data feeds, sources, and services subscribed to by the company's manifold trading desks, and to track the actual usage of the data services. The company uses the system to optimize their subscriptions from both a cost and logistical standpoint.

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